Skate with us

Skaterbirds brings the 90’s back…

Here at SkaterBirds, we take a trip down memory lane,
revive the incomparable vibes of the 90’s and its fashion and
create a real bridge between web3 and web2.

We strongly believe in building a web2 based brand,
partly decoupling it from the web3 market conditions and then
connecting the best parts of two worlds through the Skaterbirds Brand.

Fashion, Skating, Events and the Skaterbirds Café Franchise are our
main routes for creating a more accessible web3 space. As we build
the brand we always want to thank our early investors, our beloved
community by giving them special access, revenue from our products
and provide them with some cool ways for the usage of their Skaterbirds NFTs.
With our Community together, we #KeepOnSkating!

More info about our Roadmap here.
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