We #KeepOnSkating…

Throughout our Journey of success, failure and milestones we always want to thank our early supporters!

These are the Skaters we build for. These are the Skaters we help, share with and achieve great things with. SkaterBirds aims to bring the 90’s flow back, but there are a few Birds who are exceptionally good at reviving the incomparable vibes of the 90’s through contributing to the growth of the SkaterBirds Brand in their very own creative ways.

Birds like these are rare and will be featured in the Skatepark. By adding their Bird to the Skatepark we want to thank those people who are best at supporting SkaterBirds. But don’t feel bad if you are not immortalized in the Skatepark yet… just #KeepOnSkating

Our Team

Not only has he a good eye for the web3 space, Xi has been also able to help many gastronomy Start-Ups to establish their cafes and restaurants through his own Consulting Company. With the experience he got in the past years, he is one of the founders and the head of the upcoming Skaterbirds Cafe Franchise.
With tons of experience in fashion, being an art director for many companies like ZARA, Clyy is taking the lead in not only the fashion brand of Skaterbirds, but also in art directing most of our upcoming products.
Byme is our most creative brain, she is the person behind the Skaterbirds Art and most of the Visuals. She has been contributing to all products, ranging from fashion to marketing. She is the one who brings the skating bird to life.